“Really appreciate the care, organization and excellence put into the program, curriculum and the communication process for parents.”
L.W., Calabasas, CA

“Great exposure to robotics and the introduction of engineering concepts!”
D.K., Thousand Oaks, CA

“My son was recognized for his creativity and met new friends!
C.H., Boulder, CO

“Building the Robots and working with STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) sparked new interests and meeting new kids also interested in Robotics!”
K.M., Agoura Hills, CA

“My Grandson loves your class and enjoys working in a small workshop environment!”
L.K., Westlake Village, CA

“Appreciate your camp because it offers the Hands-on experience my child needs!”
T.L., Thousand Oaks, CA

“Great Job! Keep coming to Sumac!”
S.K., Agoura Hills, CA

“Learning how to build and control was the most fun!”
B.N., Agoura Hills, CA

“We’d love for you to have a 1-Day or Weekend program every Quarter!”
S.J., Oak Park, CA

“My daughter has learned to build a robot the size of her!”
K.H.. Agoura Hills, CA

“After my son attended your program, he had definitely perked up his interest in Robotics!”
S.B., Newbury Park, CA

“My daughter built really cool and fun robots!”
K.K., Agoura Hills, CA

“Thank you for producing a wonderful camp experience for all the kids. Your comments on our son and each child’s qualities were incredibly touching. Great Bot Battles too!”
C. G., Los Angeles, CA

“We just wanted to thank you for providing the students with a wonderful, growth-promoting experience which was about more than math and science. We appreciated the care and attention you showed each child in your camp, and the importance you placed on character and goodwill toward one another. It was a wonderful experience overall, and I’m sure our son would look forward to attending another camp in the future.”
S. J., Agoura Hills, CA

“This is our son’s first experience with this type of program and he thoroughly enjoyed learning new things.”
A. K., Tarzana, CA

“Thanks! My son loved this!”
B.S., Newbury Park, CA

“My son & daughter had never taken a robotics class before and they loved your camp!”
J.L., Camarillo, CA

“Your program gave my son great confidence in himself!”
S.A., Ventura, CA

“My son went into your program quiet, shy and unsure of himself. He loved building and meeting other kids!”
N.G., Agoura Hills, CA